PAW 171 – ‘Cause I Liked The Box

Favorite Shows From Last Year, WildCard Round. Oh and maybe some “what we did” stuff too.”

What I Did This Week:

Wesley: What I Did:
  • Watched Snow White And The Huntsman
  • - Don’t
  • Watched Tomorrow Never Dies
  • - Solid Bond Flick. One of the best.
  • Watched the first half of the Star Wars Christmas Special
  • - I just couldn’t do the whole thing
  • Played KSP
  • Played GameDevStory
  • Played Carcassonne
  • Watched Enterprise
  • Had a bug in my car
Bob: Geekery
  • - Watched Skyfall
  • - Played Civilization V
  • - – And installed the Brave New World DLC
  • - Played Kerbal Space Program
  • - Forza League Race 1: I win!
  • - Rediscovered Crosswords
  • - – Thanks, Google
Jeffrey: Stuffs I dood
  • Sledding
  • Force Collection
  • New PC
  • Iron Man 3
  • Signed up for Steam
  • Bought & Played Kerbal Space Program

Wildcard Round:

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Top 5 Harold Ramis Movies

134 – Reef Fraction
Top 5 Board Games

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Top 5 Harold Ramis Movies

PAW 157 – Stunt Wings
Top 5 Multiplayer Video Games
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Top 5 Male Television Actors

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4 Responses to PAW 171 – ‘Cause I Liked The Box

  1. crazy Nutso says:

    Had you read the e-mail SUBJECT on that Game of Thrones letter, you would have seen it said something like ‘Don’t read this in the normal show, it’s for the Game Of Thrones’ episode. So there’s that. Save it, then when you do the GoT show, possibly for both season 3-4, possibly next year. And it’ll totally be there. Huzzah. Plus you totally spoiled the book for me by mentioning something about a bad wedding. Seriously, that totally ruined it. OK, not so seriously.

    Wow, lots of Kerbal, with promise of more. . . Yikes.

  2. Wesley says:

    I don’t know why I miss those subject lines.

    And the wedding wasn’t that bad. Very colorful at least.

  3. crazy Nutso says:

    It’s weird they’re doing book three as two seasons, as they did each of the previous as one. Fuckin’ Peter Jackson has ruined everything!

    But actually, several bad weddings. plus I’m pretty sure HBO will have aged several of the characters who are gettin’ hitched.

  4. Wesley says:

    I think it’s a good thing. Seasons 1 and 2 were very fast paced and if I hadn’t done a show on them I’d still not know who was who. Season 3′s more leisurely pace has been fantastic in comparison.