PAW 173 – Internet Room Of Chatting

Top 5 things from our Honorable Mentions

What I Did This Week:

Wesley: What I did First
  • - Watched 21 Jump Street – Better than you’d expect, some laugh-out-loud moments. But essentially what you’d expect plot and character wise. i.e., light and fluffy.
  • - Watched The World Is Not Enough – Christmas does only come once a year, she just lied so Bond wouldn’t feel bad.
  • - Played FTL – Beat the game with the Adjudicator (again) and the Carnelian.
  • - Played Neon Flow – The best of the Flow games. Worth the 99 cents. Lots of boards that actually take thought.
Jeffrey: Stuffs I dood
  • The Other Guys
  • Force Collection

Top 5 – #5:

Top 5 – #4:

Top 5 – #3:

Top 5 – #2:

Top 5 – #1:

Top 5 – Honorable Mention:

Wesley: Honorable Honorables
  • Kerbal Space Program Mods – Kethane
  • Movie Opening Sequences/Scenes – Up
  • Episodes of Star Trek: Next Generation, Seasons 1-3 – S3E26 – The Best of Both Worlds Pt 1 (Locutus of Borg)
  • Hon.Men 2012 – Non-Xbox Vidja Games From the 2000s: Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 (N64)
  • Fads We Participated In – Self-Hypnosis
  • Romantic Pairings In TV Shows – George and Weezy from The Jeffersons
Jeffrey: The Unmentionables
  • Movies I saw in Theater – Hunt for Red October
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2 Responses to PAW 173 – Internet Room Of Chatting

  1. crazy Nutso says:

    So the last show was ‘The Absence of Bob’ and this show, Bob is absent. . . isn’t that weird?

    The two actors from ‘The Other Guys’ were originally going to be in ‘Cop Out’. One could argue they dodged a bullet there. See what I did?

    Fry Rules.

    Don’t really think of Ford and Arthur as time travelers, although I guess they did.

  2. Wesley says:

    I noticed that as well. Shoulda named this show “We won the MegaMillions™ Jackpot!”

    I see what you did there.

    Fry does rule. He’s time traveled via TWO methods.

    That’s why I missed them in that first show. They’re as much time travelers as Kirk and Spock are, though.