PAW 175 – Bjorn Of The Gods

Top 5 Inter-Species Romances

What I Did This Week:

Wesley: What I did First
  • The Edward and Jacob to my Bella
  • Watched Die Another Day – The final Bond movie before the new ones. Kinda Meh.
  • Watched Men In Black 3 – Very good until I thought about it.
  • Watched Red Tails – Decent action. Liked how there was no music during the dogfights. Story was meh and most of the acting was wooden. As expected.
  • Watched Enterprise, all of Season 3 and the first part of Season 4 – Season 3 is FANTASTIC. Season 4 starts of dodgy but keeps up with being okay.
  • Played Sleeping Dogs – Got quite a bit through it, but I was so sick last weekend that I didn’t want to do anything relating to it.
  • Watched Pacific Rim – Extremely good, though surprisingly few women for a movie that didn’t come out in the 80s.
Bob: Geekery
  • - D&D
  • - M:tG
  • - Forza
  • - KERBALs
Jeffrey: Stuff I dood
  • STNG
  • Bucket list
  • Rocksino
  • MTGO
  • Tower heist
  • Olympics
  • Cannot get lander down – kerbals

Top 5 – #5:

Wesley: Gaius Baltar and Six
  • Never a more screwed up romance.
  • I’m shocked he survived the first season, little alone the whole series.

Top 5 – #4:

Wesley: Charles Tucker III and T’Pol from Star Trek: Enterprise
  • Not fair because I don’t know how (or if) it ends, as I’ve not finished the series.
  • But I like the romances that grow organically over time, as they’re far more believable.

Top 5 – #3:

Wesley: Dax and Worf from Star Trek: Deep Space 9
  • Never doubted this one. Very solid, believable romance. I especially loved how Dax was more a Klingon than Worf was.

Top 5 – #2:

Wesley: John Sheridan and Delenn from Babylon 5
  • This one snuck up on me it was so subtle, but in my defense there was a lot going on in the series around their hooking up.

Top 5 – #1:

Wesley: Liara and Shepard from Mass Effect
  • If you dedicate yourself to Liara from the beginning of ME1 all the way through ME3 (and have played the Shadow Broker DLC in ME2) then wow, now that’s a love story.

Top 5 – Honorable Mention:

Wesley: Inter-Honorable Romances
  • Zeus and Everybody
  • Trillian and Zaphod Beeblebrox
  • Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog
  • Donkey and Dragon from Shrek
  • Superman and Lois Lane
  • Howard the Duck and Beverly Switzler
  • Roger and Jessica Rabbit
Bob: Odd Couples: Honorables
  • - Nu Spock & Nu Uhura
  • - Han & Chewie
  • - Data & The Borg Queen
  • - Jabba & Leia
Jeffrey: The Unmentionables
  • Larliari and Fred
  • Liara and Commander Shepard (f)
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5 Responses to PAW 175 – Bjorn Of The Gods

  1. Mike says:

    That was a great show all the more so because you lead with the woe is me and then onto the good stuff, glad you are all feeling better now:)
    Funny how just mentioning Lea and that movie projects the scene in your minds eye…

  2. Wesley says:


    I need to see that movie again, see if she’s … er … it’s as good as I remember

  3. crazy Nutso says:

    For the pedantic, it should be Jadzia Dax, not just Dax. After she got (spoilers) they brought in Ezri Dax, who got all romantic with someone else.

  4. Wesley says:

    I didn’t specify that? I thought for sure I at least mentioned both Jadzia and Ezri. Maybe it was in my mind, though. Who knows? Well, anybody who’s listened I suppose would. I’m on the verge of getting to that point in the show.

  5. crazy Nutso says:

    Well, you didn’t in the show notes. Probably one of my favorite TV weddings.
    “You know what we have to do, right?”
    “Kill Worf?”
    “KILL WORF!”