PAW 177 – Chillata At Starbucks

(Sorry for the audio quality. It’s not bad but it’s not up to our usual quality)

Top 5 and Bottom 3 Episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation Seasons 4 and 5.

What I Did This Week:

Wesley: What I Done Did
  • Watched Enterprise
  • Played GTAV – don’t like it.
  • Played Kerbal Space Program – loving it still.
  • Played FTL – Epic run.
  • Signed up for a YouTube partnership. I’m making 11 cents a day!
  • Also, last month I had 43 hours of views per day. That means that at any given time, there’s a pretty good chance that my voice is talking somewhere in the world.
Jeffrey: Stuffs I dood
  • Sledding
  • Hockey
  • STNG
  • More phone games

Top 5 – #5:

Wesley: Conundrum (S5E14)
  • Nobody can remember anything

Top 5 – #4:

Wesley: Disaster (S5E5)
  • Disparate storylines as everybody’s separated. Picard with children

Top 5 – #3:

Wesley: The First Duty (S5E19)
  • Great character piece. Great non-resolved resolution.

Top 5 – #2:

Wesley: Inner Light (S5E25)
  • Picard Lives The Life Of Another

Top 5 – #1:

Wesley: Family (S4E2)

Top 5 – Honorable Mention:

Wesley: Honorable Episodes
  • Remember Me (S4E5) Crusher Slowly Alone
  • Silicon Avatar (S5E4) I got bamboozled by the chick. Crystal entity destroyed right as we established communication.
  • Future Imperfect (S4E8) Riker conned by a little kid, and I didn’t see the twist.
  • Best Of Both Worlds Part 2 (S4E1) Picard Almost Defeats Starfleet
  • Brothers (S4E3) Data meets Lore
  • Galaxy’s Child (S4E16) Geordi Meets The Reality To His Fantasy
  • Redemption (S4E26) Klingon Stuff
  • Redemption II (S5E1) Klingon Stuff
  • Darmok (S5E2) Great premise and episode, but I just can’t get over that one detail.
  • Ensign Ro (S5E3) Good character that failed to pay off.
  • Unification (S5E7) Loved these episodes. Left off because they’re a 2-parter
  • Unification II (S5E8) Loved these episodes. Left off because they’re a 2-parter
  • I, Borg (S5E23) Hugh
  • Time’s Arrow (S5E26) Good setup, but in the end half an episode.

Bottom 5 – #3:

Wesley: The Outcast (S5E17)
  • Riker’s hermaphroditic girlfriend.
Jeffrey: Power Play
  • Lightning bolts create evil Data, Troy, and O’Brian.

Bottom 5 – #2:

Wesley: The Game (S5E6)
  • Yeah we get it, it’s addictive.
Jeffrey: Imaginary friend
  • Kid had and “imaginary friend”

Bottom 5 – #1:

Wesley: Final Mission (S4E9)
  • Good part: Wesley’s last recurring role. Bad part: The whole lost in the desert crap sucked.
Jeffrey: The Game
  • Weird game taking over everyone’s mind.

Bottom 5 – Honorable Mention:

Wesley: Not Honorable At All
  • Imaginary Friend (S5E22) Little Girl Befriends A Nebula Entity
  • The Loss (S4E10) Oh no Troi can’t read minds. Boo hoo.
  • First Contact (S4E15) Riker gets caught pretending to be an alien.
  • Violations (S5E12) Mind readers committing mind rape.
  • The Masterpiece Society (S5E13) If you’re so perfect why are you all dying?
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2 Responses to PAW 177 – Chillata At Starbucks

  1. Mike says:

    TNG ain’t my favourite but I do enjoy listening to other peoples best and worst of the show or in this case the two seasons.

  2. Wesley says:

    Yeah it’s like a walk down memory lane.